What Does the Customer Want?

Before we can start designing products and devices we need to know what benefits potential customers are seeking. The links below will step you through a process to develop questions for potential users and take those answers and transform them into interpreted needs. From the interpreted needs we will derive a set of engineering specifications. Engineering specifications can be used to drive the design process. But everything starts with answering the question “What does the customer want?”

 What is context?
Customer satisfaction and context.
Generating questions for potential users.
Who do you ask?
Refining your questions.
Preparing to conduct the interviews.
Processing the results of the interviews.

Transforming customer quotes into interpreted needs.

Once you have compiled your interpreted needs you are ready to begin building your house of quality. The house of quality will allow you to generate engineering specifications and determine how those specifications are related to not only each other but also the preferences of the customer. Remember some customer needs will always be more important than others.


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